Our meat birds are Cornish Cross.  Our layers are Barred Rock.  We also raise turkeys.  All of our birds are delivered to us as chicks when they are 1-2 days old.  They start their lives on our farm in a temperature controlled brooder house as they are too fragile to be outside.  By 2-3 weeks of age they are introduced to the outside world and are allowed out on pasture during the day.  They are contained within electrified netting and are closed into their portable houses at night to keep them safe from ground predators and to protect them from owls and other aerial predators.  They are rotated frequently to fresh pasture.  In addition to what they forage from the ground they are fed a high quality grain.

We raise a limited amount of turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday.  If interested, please call early to check availability and reserve your bird.